The Process

We have designed a smart simple five step process for dispute resolution. This process is present in our physically present arbitrations/mediation and our ODR offering. It begins with parties agreeing to have their dispute handled by us, under our terms of engagement and proceeds with the following steps:

  1. Parties purchase the offering that suits their dispute from this website;
  2. Our terms, which includes full confidentiality, are agreed to and payment is made direct from this website.
  3. The Early Intervention Alternative Disputes Resolution (EIADR) Registrar allocates parties with usernames and passwords for access to our case management system, and sets up the particulars of the case. Only the parties, the arbitrator/mediator and the EIADR Registrar can see their case documents and details.
  4. Parties file, review, and exchange documents via our online case management system which is overseen by the EIADR registrar as outlined here.
  5. The EIADR registrar allocates a hearing date and parties login to the virtual hearing room where the arbitrator/mediator (as decided at step 2) helps resolve the dispute.

That’s it.

There are specific rules governing how the arbitrator/mediator should act and the complaints/appeals process that can be undertaken if parties have concerns or feel there was a mistake in law. These rules are provided when parties undertake our services.


Pricing for ADR is considerably more than that of ODR as the arbitrator/mediator is required to be physically present at the meeting. ADR is usually engaged where the sums are significant and the relationship is so important that only the physical presence will put the parties at rest.

Typical engagements are:

      Commercial relationships of high sensitivity
      Family disputes that require a high level of counseling


ODR, on the other hand, provides a much quicker and less costly resolution process. The arbitrator/mediator is still a fully trained arbitrator/mediator, but has the advantage of working direct from their office; saving travel, accommodation and other disbursements. In our ODR offering, all the tools and techniques are available to the arbitrator/mediator as they are in ADR hearings, via the virtual conference/hearing room. Files and documents, desktop sharing, whiteboards, video and voice are all present for parties to use.

Our main offering in resolving disputes through ODR is provided as daily access. However, we also cater for firms wishing to engage our software for their disputes resolution service.