Our Software

Gallagher & Co has worked alongside Adonis Technology to design a system that meets the needs of Arbitrators and Mediators along with the clients they serve. Further, it has been designed to take into account the legislative requirements in Canada, the United States, UK, Australia and New Zealand and was developed with specific procedural rules and codes of conduct to reduce the risk of mistake that could result in costly suits against the arbitrator or mediator.

The software covers a number of aspects needed in the dispute resolution process. It covers procedural filing. Face to face communication. The ability to put the argument forward clearly and decisively, and reduces costs.

The software is packaged into three main solutions:

  • A low cost daily rate.
      1. This package provides access to the filing system one week prior to the hearing date for parties to file their associated paperwork and evidence.
        Then access is granted for the video conference hearing room.
        This service is charged per day of use and is per case.
        This is managed by our registrar and uses the Gallagher & Co system.
        Professional Mediator/Arbitrator is provided for the hearing day.

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  • Monthly access.
      1. This is designed for the firm that handles a number of disputes and needs access to the system on a regular basis.
        The charge here is a set fee per month regardless of the number of disputes handled.
        This can be managed by a Gallagher & Co registrar or customized to your own brand with your registrar handling the cases.

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  • Fully customized and branded system licensed and operated by you.
      1. This is designed for the larger firm.
        Our team will create the servers and infrastructure and you rent a license of the system fully customized for your use.
        You can run as many matters as you wish.
        This is charged at a set fee each month for the license and hosting.

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Some Features

Case management:

Our case management software does not replace existing project or CRM management systems. It is designed to work hand in hand to provide ADR in an Online environment.


Clients and organizations are assigned to cases with registrars providing appropriate privileges. Only assigned parties can see information relating to a case unless the case is designated as open.


Tracking, lodgment, setting of agendas, hearing dates, and other important dates are all recorded and noted in the calendar feature.

Information requests

Requests for information can be made and tracked through the requests system available in each case.


Documents can be uploaded and tracked directly from the case. Files can be searched and incorrect files can be removed from the main list. Removed files are note deleted and can still be traced using an open search.

Conversation tracking

Track conversations between users by adding easy notes. Using the new follow-up feature parties and registrars can comment, or add entire email discussions, to be tracked.


Requests can be made by the registrar or parties for information or clarity on a problem.

Law database

LexisNexis – parties purchasing the optional Lexis add on, or those with lexis access already, can access the Lexis databases directly from the system.

We also provide unsupported access to the Legal Information Institute databases for convenience.

Customized fields

Registrars can add custom fields for case tracking information.

Virtual hearing room

Talking Stick

Parties can raise their hand for access to a round circle talking stick style. This is fully controlled by the arbitrator/mediator with the ability to lower hands and mute parties.

Side Bar

Parties can have a one to one side bar discussion through the inbuilt chat system that highlights when parties have responded.


Full whiteboard functionality is built into the system with the ability to draw, note, write text and zoom in. Files can also be uploaded by the user for display and annotation directly on the whiteboard.
Multiple pages are fully supported with a page change function built in.


Parties are able to see each other through any standard webcam.


The system supports full voice to voice communication. The Arbitrator/mediator can mute/unmute parties anytime to maintain client focus.
Presentation control

The arbitrator/mediator has full control over presentation access and can assign the presentation control to any party.

Desktop Sharing

The presenter has the control to share their desktop and show parties what they need them to see.
Need to collaborate on a document through google docs or other software? The mediator can share the screen and all parties using the doc system can see what’s being changed in real time.

View control

Full control is available over what you see using the presentation presets. The presenter can also lock the view to make sure everyone sees what they see to remove distraction.

Multiple Arbitrators/Mediators

Multiple Arbitrators /Mediators can preside over a matter with the simple passing of presentation mode. Only one can present using the whiteboard at a time to prevent party distraction. Arbitrators/Mediators can pass the role of presenter when needed using the private sidebar feature or via raising their hand.


Sessions can be optionally recorded.

Document cloud

Full document retention with encryption

External storage accessible from the server

Tasks, Calendar, contacts, and bookmark syncing to mobile devices (IOS Android)

Full group and user management with access rights

Video conference app

Additional options like inventory tracking, invoicing, legal databases, mindmaps, and more…

  • Minimum Client System requirements.

Any PC running Mac OS, Windows XP or higher. IOS and Android version in development.

Adobe Flash Player 9 or higher.

IE 9, Chrome 28 or higher, or any other web browser.

Webcam for video.

Microphone and speakers, (headset recommended to prevent echo).

Java (available here http://www.java.com/en/download/) for admins wishing to share the desktop.

  • Server information.
      1. Service is backed by

Adonis Technology

  1. physical servers on a one time purchase system with free software updates for the life of the product, to allow you to keep control over your data. Encrypted cloud disaster recovery located in 14 locations worldwide is available and is options based.