Richard Anstice LLM. LLB. BA.

Richard’s career experience ranges from retail sales to high level legal advice. That gives him good insight to help clients transact business for mutual benefit. That experience has taught him to communicate the right information, the right way – Richard can give effective training, and he can help the business to prepare simple messages for its clients and customers.

Richard takes great pride in showing a cool head when problems land. He is used to smiling, taking a breath, and helping lead people forward calmly, and with a focus on achieving the best end result. While he thinks new technology is very cool, Richard’s favourite technology is the English language. When his clients build new technology solutions, Richard loves adding the words that bring technology to life for clients.

Richard grew up in South Auckland, Western Samoa and Fiji. Richard studied Law and English Literature for his undergraduate studies in Auckland and Dunedin. While working as a commercial lawyer, Richard completed his Master of Laws degree. He qualified as a lawyer in 2007, working for a boutique firm that specialises in research-driven commercial legal advice. He has advised IT businesses from SMEs to multi-nationals, including a strong understanding of how to do business effectively with consumers (e.g. managing Fair Trading Act issues, consumer privacy, and product remedies in online sales). Richard has done a wide range of research and law reform work and has helped industry groups to prepare successful responses to proposed law changes and regulation.

Areas where Richard can assist:

Effective communication: Do you need a hand building your staff training program? Would you like some help improving your website to give clear information to your clients? Do your key business documents need an update so they are easier for clients to read? Richard can help you make changes to how you communicate, to give you an advantage in the market, and to manage risks more effectively.

Consumer and customer-facing legal issues: Issues like privacy, advertising accuracy, consumer remedies and online retail can cause expensive problems if ignored. On the other hand, clients who invest in quality advice can build structures, processes and documents that manage risks, and help limit consequences. Richard can help a business to understand it’s current state. He can help build cost-effective compliance programs including appropriate compliance training so that staff have effective skills to respond to customer problems. This helps businesses to build a positive culture that manages consumer issues as a normal part of successful trading.

IT contracts: Richard understands the opportunity for an IT business to get ahead by working on how it does business. Whether contracts are one-off or standard forms, he can help an IT business to contract more effectively. This can include working with operations staff, so that they understand how to use Statements of Work and Work Orders to build effective contracts.

IT support and strategic projects: As the IT world evolves, legal and commercial experts struggle to catch up. Richard has spent his career standing next to IT clients, and helping them deal with new problems. He can research and give effective legal advice to meet new IT challenges head-on. He can also focus research skills on your business. As issues like privacy and security become more critical, he can deliver effective advice to align your business to succeed as the market evolves.

Richards main areas of practice are:
Proceedure and Policy, Contracts and Commercial Law, Fair Trade, Technology, Privacy.

Richards other areas of practice:
Arbitration/Mediation, Employment.

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