What we do

We provide arbitration services to help settle disputes. Regardless of the jurisdiction, our arbitrators are trained to know the law and have experience in the area of dispute.

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We provide mediation services both online and in person. Regardless of the jurisdiction, our mediators are trained in the law and work to help parties to resolve the dispute in a timely and cost effective way.

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With our extensive experience, tools, and resources we provide systems and support to help practitioners navigate regulatory requirements proactivley and efficiently.

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We provide consultancy on legal matters and business management; with extensive research to assist businesses, professionals, other firms, legal counsel, and practitioners.

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Commercial/Company law


Equity/Trusts/Fair Trading



Tax/Administrative Law

Enviromental Law


Our Software

Gallagher & Co has worked alongside Adonis Technology and Adonis Voice to design a system that meets the needs of Arbitrators, Mediators, Lawyers, and business, along with the clients they serve. We named it "ONTHEMOVE", as it provides practitioners and businesses access to their data regardless of location or travel. Onthemove has been designed to take into account the legislative requirements in Canada, the United States, Europe, Australia, and New Zealand, and was developed with specific procedural rules and codes of conduct to reduce the risk of mistake that could result in costly litigation and complaints.

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Some work we do for the profession

Lloyd Gallagher, MMS (Hons). LLB. sits as convenor of the Technology and Law Committee.

The Law Association - previously ADLS - Technology & Law Committee has offered perspectives on topics such as modernising legal processes, privacy, intellectual property, online safety, cyber-crime and cloud services governance. The wider profession can occasionally struggle with the pace of technological developments and their impact upon the practice of law. This is therefore an area where advice and guidance from experienced practitioners is invaluable. The Committee has focussed on providing practitioners with articles, advice and seminars on the impact of new technologies. It’s members were heavily involved in ensuring, through seminars and articles, that practitioners understood their responsibilities in regard to the new electronic discovery rules that were recently introduced. The Committee is also focussed on ensuring that the potential and liabilities of new technology are recognised by the legal profession. They also maintain a watching brief and make submissions on new pieces of legislation and government policy in relation to the use and security of technology and data security.

CPD Events

CPD The Strata Unit Titles Conference 2023

Speakers: Lloyd Gallagher, Anita Reinecke, Ben Thomson, Clinton Baker, Dakota Panetta, David Powell, Joanna Pidgeon, Julie McLean, Kyle O'Reilly, Liza Fry-Irvine, Paula Beaton, Thomas Gibbons.
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CPD Privacy for legal professionals 2023

This workshop includes an overview of digital marketing and its importance. It outlines the channels most suited to legal firms, including email marketing, websites, video formatting, Tik Tok and YouTube. Learn how to get the most from your LinkedIn firm page and how to get your lawyers engaged with digital marketing.

Chair Lloyd Gallagher, managing partner, Gallagher & Co
Presenters Amy KingstonTurner; Edwin Lim; Luke Han

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Gone phishing: saving the phish, sacrificing the phisherman
What is social engineering? And why do I care? - Types of social engineering: from email (phishing), vising (phone call), and smishing (SMS), to new forms emerging – International standards being produced, what we an learn, and how they will affect legislation frameworks – How this knowledge helps are you against attack, and what minimum standards your firm needs to begin the move to protection rather than reaction – The benefits – Conclusion
Lloyd Gallagher (Presenter)
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Cyber Virtual viruses in a real-world virus scenario
Covid-19 confidence tricks and other scams: better armed, for better protection
Speakers: Lloyd Gallagher, Arran Hunt.
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Your legal business : financial and practice management tips, tools & traps 2019

Accounting matters by Gina Cook - Parts of a practice management system, and why you might not need them all by Arran Hunt - A discussion of available apps and tools for effective practice management by Lloyd Gallagher

Cook, Gina (Presenter), Walker, Nita (Presenter), Hunt, Arran (Presenter), Gallagher, Lloyd (Presenter), Pilcher, Sarah (Chair)

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NZLS CLE Cyber Law Conference 2016

The Dark Side of the Internet, Cyber Security and the Role of Lawyers – protecting organisations from the bad guys, Triaging Online Reputation – a holistic response, Pitfalls and Problems with Cloud Computing, Dealing with the Bolt from the Blue – managing ICT disputes, Internet of Things – wear to now? Tech Contracts 101, Big Data – a big issue for both the public and private sectors
Speakers: Lloyd Gallagher.
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ADLSI CPD Communicating in a High-Tech World (2019) Speakers: Lloyd Gallagher, Arran Hunt, Emona Numanga, Rhys Kerrigan.

ADLSI CPD Your Legal Business: Financial and Practice Management Tips, Tools & Traps (2019): Speakers: Lloyd Gallagher, Gina Cook, Nita Walker, Arran Hunt.

ADLSI CPD Your Legal Business: Technology – Tackling It, Taking It On and Transforming Your Practice (2018): Speakers: Lloyd Gallagher, Don Thomas, Arran Huint, Hayley Weber.

ADLSI CLE Cyber Security for Lawyers (Workshop) 2017: Speakers: Lloyd Gallagher, Judge David Harvey, Edwin Lim, and Arran Hunt.

LawFest 2018

An expert panel discussing legal innovation and technology, exploring the changes, challenges and opportunities ahead for the legal profession. The panellists will provide the key learnings from their respective legal innovation workshops.

Moderated by: Warrick McLean, CEO, Coleman Greig
Panelist: Stephen Mullins, General Manager, New Zealand Lexvoco | Lloyd Gallagher, Partner, Gallagher & CO Consultants | Caroline Ferguson, Business Transformation Manager, Simpson Grierson | Terri Mottershead, Director, Centre for Legal Innovation

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In late 2013 Lloyd Gallagher, Colin Rule, Colm Brannigan, and Ernest Thiessen gave a presentation at the International ADR conference in Toronto Canada. Here is the video of Lloyd giving an overview of Gallagher & Co’s ODR technology.
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