The role of a Legal Consultant.

As the demand for specialized legal expertise grows, many legal organizations look to qualified independent legal consultants for help. Our qualified professionals provide a range of services to augment the internal capabilities of a law firm or legal department on a short-term or project basis. There are many situations in which clients seek our services, which is the result of an industry difficulty to secure skilled legal professionals. Law firms have requested us due to a need for project-based lawyers who specialize in high-demand areas of expertise, like litigation, tax, technology, compliance, eDiscovery, data privacy and security, and records management to name just a few.

Despite corporations typically employing in-house counsel to handle litigation and general council needs, they often call on us for extra help during peak workload periods and for projects requiring specialized expertise they lack internally. Companies seek our experts with business and legal know-how to help with strategic planning, research and analysis, tax, international compliance, and employee training amongst other things.

Small and medium-size businesses and law firms don’t have the budget to maintain fulltime qualified employees and engage our services to assist them with matters that need multiple hands for a short period of time, such as a heavy case load, complex trial, or one-off project. This saves them long term employment exposure for work that is irregular or of a short duration. Others — for example, when they need specialized advice on workplace legal issues, such as employee misconduct, unlawful termination and compliance infractions, policy development and tax compliance — often engage us to handle these complex areas finding legal consultants to be more effective.

What do legal consultants do?

The examples above are just a few of the reasons we get engaged as consultants and as project-based lawyers, we can assist with legal matters when a business decides to expand or franchise, a law firm requires optimization and strengthening of its eDiscovery program, or when we need to help develop and test policies for the protection of the firm against legal entanglement (such as social media and cyber security policies). We also get asked to assist in negotiation to deliver favorable outcomes for a corporate organization facing civil litigation. Corporations call us for advice on mergers and restructuring, tax, cyber security, employment relations, and tweaking business strategies to maximize productivity and minimize liability, to name just a few examples.

What skills we possess

Aside from a law degree and experience working in law, our consultants typically have foundational knowledge in one or more specialized areas. Our team also includes consultants who carry master’s degrees in business and Leadership to assist further with the examples provided above. This gives our Legal consultants a unique advantage working as a combined team to provide advice on intersecting areas of law that will bolster your team and professional advisers for a sound outcome in the project area.

Here is a description of some of the services we offer

Gallagher & Co Consultants offers a wide range of services to assist firms and business alike to secure their future from legal entanglement. Our team provides a range of expertise and are uniquely placed to assist with all manner of legal services as well as business advice. Our team has assisted with document drafting and review, immigration matters, Labour relations, dispute resolution, litigation, evidence and discovery, cyber security, terms and legal protections for software development, copyright, intellectual property, trusts, sale and purchase, and much more. Our team has been hand picked for their skills and training and they are uniquely positioned to provide multi jurisdiction advice, as well as training in areas of current and developing legislation. We also train in communication and leadership for law firms, effective document management systems, and building better customer retention.

As our team and skill sets are too many to list, feel free to call us or email us to see if we can assist you.

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