The five step process


Parties engage services of the Arbitrator/Mediator and request our ODR software to facilitate the process.


Parties sign and agree to our terms of use, and the Mediator/Arbitrators Contract, which includes full confidentiality, and makes payment.


The Early Intervention Alternative Disputes Resolution (EIADR) Registrar allocates parties with usernames and passwords for access to our ODR software, and sets up the particulars of the case. Only the parties, the arbitrator/mediator and the EIADR Registrar can see their case documents and details.


Parties file, review, and exchange documents via our online ODR management system which is overseen by the EIADR registrar.


The EIADR registrar allocates a hearing date and parties proceed to the virtual hearing room where the arbitrator/mediator helps resolve the dispute.

EIADR Registrar

Document exchange

Fee collection

Parties identity confirmation



Online Disputes Resolution (ODR) Software

Our online disputes resolution service is designed to facilitate ADR around the world by providing a simple process for assisted negotiation. It is not for automated approaches which are simply a compromise reduced to dollars. Our ODR approach is to provide an Online Court room environment to assist Arbitrators and Mediators to resolve disputes with parties regardless of their worldwide location. Using our software allows professionals to discuss, negotiate and resolve without parties having to travel, or argue jurisdictional issues for hearing location.

Further, our software has been adopted by many to assist with contract negotiations as the system provides easy document tracking, time limit sharing, version control, and collaborative editing. Our software is seeing more and more users adopting it for more purposes than just ODR, and it has led us to develop a server system that can be installed on premises for practitioners.

Checkout the tools and options available in our software page.

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