Lloyd Gallagher MMS (HONS). LLB.

Lloyd Gallagher is the founder of Gallagher & Co and he has had 20+ years experience in building solutions.

Lloyd came from a broken home filled with abuse, that resulted in head injuries, and manipulation. His upbringing consisted of poor education due to unrecognized dyslexia, resulting from the head injuries, and a tortured existence that resulted in Lloyd getting into trouble with the law. Despite the legal entanglements Lloyd maintained a willingness and desire for knowledge that drove him to push forward from the environment many said would be his only available life. This drive saw Lloyd leave his past behind, and through support, identification of the learning disability and the application of hard work, Lloyd obtained a law degree with communications as a second major in just three years.

Lloyd has seen first hand, through the reading of judgments and his own experience, areas of society that refuse to leave the past in the past despite the principles present in Human Rights and precedent setting cases like Re Owen [2005] 2 NZLR 536. The increase in discrimination and persecution has resulted in Lloyd developing relationships with organisations to help argue for legislative change.

Lloyd works closely with legal advisers’, Universities and Government organisations to help develop legislation for everyone’s success. Lloyd has a strong research focus to develop social change that will benefit individuals to step out of their past and achieve reintegration.

Lloyd has a passion for all things law and is able to see the different interplays and interactions between laws and how they affect legal/business decisions. Lloyd has practiced as a consultant and arbitrator and mediator since 2011, and works closely with barristers and solicitors to build successful solutions. Having started his career in IT Lloyd has always had a strong IT background and has been an industry innovator since 1991 in telecommunications, cyber security, and technology.

Lloyd has training and extensive experience in programming, business development, communications, tax and accounting, administration, electrical engineering, construction, farming, trades, environment, and laws from other jurisdictions. Lloyd holds an LLB, and MMS with honors that includes communications, cognition, leadership, and business which gives him the needed experience and qualifications to face the issues businesses encounter everyday.

Lloyds main areas of practice are:
Policy, Tax Law, Administrative Law, Contracts and Commercial Law, Technology, Equity.

Lloyds other areas of practice:
Arbitration/Mediation, Employment, Immigration, Property, Family.

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